United Parcel Services, or UPS, is one of the most popular supply chain management multinational companies in the world. The company also provides for package delivery solutions. The UPS services are primarily active around every part of the world. The company headquarters in Georgia, United States. The infrastructure used by the company is huge. The company provides various renowned services such as drone airlines, cargo services, freight based trucking system, on-road delivery, and much more. Over many years, the company has gained immense goodwill in the industry with their trusted and accurate delivery record. The workforce the company possesses is humongous. The company considers its employees to be one of their biggest assets and hence, has developed an online portal for them called UPSers, available at www.upsers.com.

UPSers is the online platform for each and every employee/vendor of UPS. The portal helps each of them have easy access to various facilities as provided by the company to its employees at the click of a button. These facilities and benefits include salary information, leave requests, pickups, drop offs, raising tickets, etc. It goes without saying that it is a one-stop destination for employees to avail of the benefits as provided by the company in the most effortless manner.

There are various benefits of being part of the UPSers community at www.upsers.com
The benefits include step-by-step guidance on how to get yourself registered at the online portal of UPSers and providing immediate technical support to resolve all your issues. Further, the company also provides its employees with what really matters, such as guidance on retirement plans, career management, aiding financially, and much more.

The portal helps each individual at UPS have a technologically advanced online portal to do electronic entries against the obsolete manual entries. The employees can go on to fixing meetings with the HR, management, and other employees via this portal itself. You can maintain sheets for your working hours, extra wages you are entitled to, and whatnot.

In order to access www.upsers.com

  • You need to register yourself as an employee
  • You need to register yourself for UPSers by generating yourself your USER ID and PASSWORD
  • Log in to the portal and start availing of the benefits and facilities

To register and log in:

  • Visit www.upsers.com
  • Go to register for a new USER ID and PIN.
  • Once you follow the necessary steps to generate yourself your USER ID and PIN, use these credentials to log in to your account wherein you will be required to set yourself a new password.
  • Once you set it, you are all ready to access UPS’s online portal to manage all your daily tasks pertaining to your employment.

Therefore, it goes without saying that if you are a UPS employee/vendor, you would not regret becoming part of the UPSers community and having a smooth, professional life at UPS. Each task becomes effortless to perform. So, visit www.upsers.com today and become part of the tech-savvy regime.