If you are a UPS employee/vendor, www.upsers.com is the official platform for you to avail of various facilities and benefits that come with it. The portal not only lets you be well-informed about the day-to-day updates at UPS, but also helps you perform tasks such as raising tickets, managing employee benefits, request leaves, payroll information, and much more! To be part of this online community, you need to register yourself with the UPS’s online portal available at www.upsers.com. Here is all you need to know about the process to register and login to your UPSers online portal.

Official Login or Support

Step-by-step process to login to your UPSers account:

  • Visit the official page for UPS employees/vendors at www.upsers.com.
  • Choose your preferred language out of the 17 given options.
  • Now, click on “Login” towards the top-right of the page.
  • Thereafter you are supposed to enter your USER ID and PASSWORD.
  • Click on login, and you will be redirected to the online portal of UPS.

But, how to generate yourself a USER ID and PIN? Here’s how:

In case you are a UPS employee and new to the UPSers platform, having no idea about the login credentials such as USER ID and PASSWORD. Here is the step-by-step process you need to follow to successfully login to your UPS online portal for employee/vendor.

  • Visit www.upsers.com
  • Click on the button, “Login help.”
  • On this page, scroll down to the “New User and PIN” button and click on it.
  • Thereafter, you will be required to enter information such as which department do you work in, type of employee, date of enrollment, last name, date of birth, employment ID, and much more.
  • Once you enter the details mentioned above, the page will display your PIN on the screen, note it down.

With this, you are all set to use these login credentials (USER ID and PIN) to register yourself to the UPS employee/vendor online portal. Hereinbelow is the process of doing the same.

Registration for new UPSers users

Once you generate yourself your UPSers USER ID and PIN, you will have to follow the below steps to register yourself to the portal.

  • Visit www.upsers.com
  • Choose your desired language.
  • Enter the USER ID and PIN (Password) that you generated in the previous step and then click on “login.”
  • You will be required to agree to the T&Cs at this juncture.
  • Thereafter, provide various information such as your working email ID, employee ID, challenge question and answers to them, and a strong and secure password.

Now, finally, with these credentials (USER ID and PASSWORD), you are all set to login to your UPSers online portal and avail of the benefits and facilities it provides to you.

United Parcel Services or UPS makes sure that all its employees have an effortless system to perform their routine tasks associated with their employment. Hence, by following the steps mentioned above to register and login to your UPSers account at www.upsers.com, you enroll yourself in the UPS community!

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  1. I’m an employee of UPS fright and I can’t login using my employer ID or my password. Can someone PLEASE email me technical support number so that I get back to work. I’ll would truly appreciated.

  2. good afternoon my name is Martine my ID is 7165885 i cant login to start my training, can you help me please? my email is Marvenspa*****@gmail.com

  3. Let’s me enter user name and password but then gives me a blank page. It let me go as far as entering my email the first time

  4. I can not log in.
    I am using the number on my badge as employee ID 70453**
    I have no access to paystub because I can not log in
    i need pay stubs asap

  5. i work for ups freight employee id 42508** i have no email set up i have always login with my id nothing is working please can someone help

  6. I forgot password and it’s telling me it doesn’t recognize my email now .its weeks trying to get in can you just email my the direct deposit form

  7. trying to log in to UPSers.com is a real pain in the ASS!!!! The website is not providing me with boxes to put my employee ID and password in. It was never complicated in the past why is it made so complicated now!!!!

  8. I’m an employee of UPS Driver and I can’t login using my employer ID or my password. Can someone PLEASE email me technical support number. I’ll would appreciated your help

  9. User’s profile was inadvertently reset. Account was created so long ago that the phone number on file was disconnected, user has no access to the preferred email address on file, and does not remember answers to his challenge questions. PLEASE ISSUE A TEMPORARY PASSWORD SO THAT HE CAN LOG IN TO UPSers.com TO ACCESS HIS PAY STUBS.

  10. The email used to create my upsers account is inactive and I do not have access. I need my upsers account linked to my current email.

  11. Hello. I am an employee with UPS at the Local 492 in Albuquerque, NM at the Aspen/12th street building. My employee ID is 44385** and I am in need of a new password so I can log in to upsers.com. I haven’t accessed the website in a couple of years. Haven’t really had the need to until now. Is it possible to give me a new password at my posted email address? (theonyxtorch@gmail.com) Again, my name is Kathryn Gwendolyn Marigold. If for some reason the file still says “Joshua Daniel Francis” know that I had a name and gender marker change back in October of 2019. Thank you very much for your time and help.

  12. I can never log in either. You need to have someone fix this so that retirees and anyone
    else that is or has been employed by UPS can get into this site.

  13. I cannot get into my Account. Can you Email a phone number so I can call someone to help me to see my Pay Stubs.

    Thank you,
    Antonio Conforti


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